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Fast growing service company focused in logistics industry based in Finland

We offer personnel and outsourcing services for the logistics industry

and connect professionals and systems with our clients efficiently.

Career opportunities

Are you looking for work in the logistics industry?

Through VALPRO, you will find new career opportunities in the logistics industry.

See what positions we have to offer!

For companies

Are you looking for logistics professionals?

VALPRO provides personnel and outsourcing services for  the logistics and industry sectors. Offering flexibility and  customized service models in cooperation with the customer needs. 


Tarjoamme yrityksille myös rekrytointipalvelua. Ota yhteyttä, niin kartoitetaan miten voimme teitä palvella.

VALPRO Logistics Oy

Employee Wellbeing, Delivery Trust and Customer Centricity


These  are our core values. 

As a growth company we are constantly developing our services with the top companies in the logistics industry.


Get to know us by reading more about our team, career opportunities and follow us on Facebook & LinkedIn.

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