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Press release: VALPRO Logistics Expands with Growth Funding

VALPRO Logistics, has grown rapidly as a staffing service company in the logistics sector and is now accelerating further its growth. Under the umbrella of the parent company VALPRO Group, high-quality services are expanding to existing and new business areas – the aim is to go global.

Building a great team - Melina Näätänen and Jarkko Niemi are previous stars in the Finnish staffing industry and are now joining VALPRO’s team. They are currently working at Rokmind coaching company, and join VALPRO Group as partners via their investment company ROK Capital.

Näätänen and Niemi bring solid industry expertise to sales, management, personnel development, and business growth. Also, Harri Kämppä, who has executive level experience in logistics, B2B service and technology industries, has been appointed to VALPRO Group as chairman of the Board of Directors. Kämppä has been working previously as CEO of Transval Group and brings with him a wide expertise of the outsourcing business.

VALPRO Logistics has already increased its headcount with hundreds of employees. According to CEO Saku Loukonen, the time for expansion in Finland and beyond is now.

"We started in logistics and industry sectors. We will include also new industries and will expand geographically whenever it makes sense," Loukonen says.

Näätänen and Niemi were previously entrepreneurs heading Opteam's Pirkanmaa, Satakunta, Ostrobothnia, South and Central Ostrobothnia operations until Opteam was sold to Barona in 2017. Before this, Näätänen also worked as Opteam's Business and Chain Director for Europe. At the end of the non-compete period following the acquisition, Näätänen has been invited to participate in several companies in the sector, until she joined VALPRO.

“I thought I'd never go back to staffing business. But VALPRO is different from many other players in the industry. The entire VALPRO team has a fantastic attitude and professionalism," Näätänen says. According to her, the most important thing for her return are the matching values.

“–When VALPRO’s team presented its concept, I was like Wow! Their mindset is like mine. They do everything people first; for them, people are the most important resource. We are likeminded. Passion is everything and value comes with the people. It's not often that in life you come across teams like this. Here are all the elements for success.”, Näätänen says.

Loukonen and Näätänen were introduced by the private equity investment and consulting company Virta Growth Partners.

"-We quickly realized that our mindsets and values clicked perfectly. We want to be a people first, high value service company to our clients. In addition, we both share high ambitions developing the company," Loukonen says.

Näätänen points out that the staffing industry is very polarized: there are giants and small players. "Soon we will be among the giants," Näätänen says convincingly.

Saku Loukonen and Antti Tarakkamäki, behind VALPRO Logistics, are both serial entrepreneurs. Their previous companies have grown successfully and became international.

"That's why we do this. We challenge the traditional industry with innovation, technology and great teamwork," Loukonen says.

Additional information

Saku Loukonen, VALPRO Logistics Oy, CEO, 040 703 7458

Melina Näätänen, ROK Capital Oy, Owner, 050 560 2851


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