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Specialization in logistics

We are a human resources company specializing in logistics. We connect professionals in our field to our client companies quickly and reliably.


Logistics personnel service company

For job seekers

Are you looking for a job in the logistics industry?

Through VALPRO, you will find new career opportunities in the logistics industry. See what vacancies we have to offer!

For companies

Are you looking for logistics professionals?

We provide human resources services focusing on the needs of the logistics industry. We work in a variety of ways with industry players and the cooperation solution is built according to the customer's needs. 

VALPRO Logistics Oy


These  are the basis of our operations. Our operations are expanding rapidly and we are constantly offering new employment opportunities with well-known companies in the industry.


Get to know our company by reading more about our team, our vacancies and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Well-being, trust and customer orientation

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